Welcome to a unique place in Krkonoše.

Peaceful and unique place in Krkonoše mountains. That’ s where you find yourself when visitting our traditional spacious house with modern equipment and large garden with monumental view and amazing nature.

Cozy atmosphere of classic interior with natural materials and new moderrn facilities, that’ s what offers joyful vacation.

Large original kitchen with dining area and burning stove, spacious living room with terrace, five beautiful rooms with comfortable beds for sweet dreams in down, modern bathroom with toilett plus separate toilett on each floor, sauna, lot of storage spaces, all this and more is available just for you.

This place is made for relaxation, walks and trips around, for your unforgettable experiences.

Jilemnice is the cradle of Czech skiing. The first skis were brought here by Count Harrach in 1892. The first skis made in Bohemia are from Dolní Štěpanice village, which lays over the hill. The first Czech skiing race took place in 1893 in Kozinec u Jilemnice hill, which is directly under the house in the valley! So, we can say that everything around skiing in our country started here...

For skiing you can decide, which one from all the largest Czech centers you want to visit. Distance of the centers is:

Aldrov 6 km

Benecko 9 km

Herlíkovice 14 km

Horní Mísečky (Špindlerův Mlýn) (Schluesselbauden, Spindenmuehle) 15 km

Rokytnice nad Jizerou (Ober Rochlitz) 16 km

Špindlerův Mlýn Hromovka (Spindelmuehle Tannenstein) 20 km

Černá hora - Jánské Lázně (Schwarzberg Johannisbad) 31 km

    For cross-country skiing are the conditions perfect. The closest maintained cross-country skiing tracks lay 2 km from the house in Křížlice by the church. You can start from here to Roudnice – Jestřabí v Krkonoších through Rezek village to the main Krkonoše mountains ridge. Along the way you will explore spectacular views of Krkonoše and Jizerské mountains as well as the foothills of Krkonoše.

    Maintained cross-country skiing tracks Benecko, which fulfill the highest expectations for such a sport, are 12 km away over the valley.

    Maintained cross-country skiing tracks for the experts – Horní Mísečky – are 15 km away. It is possible to walk there from Benecko.

    In case your biggest wish will be a whole day trip you can visit Jizerské mountains, which lay 40 km away.

    And, of course, you can start directly from the house, when walking peacefully for 20 minutes and you find yourselves on the maintained track.

    For Ski alp lovers are the possibilities unlimited. You can start directly from the house. The most favorite climb is probably the one from Rezek to the Krkonoše ridge through Dvořačky to Kotelní jámy and further, if you wish. Related to this sport, it is possible to go from anywhere to everywhere...

    Ideal conditions are also for Ski-Gliding thanks to large space directly around the house that enables free movement. So, don´t forget to pack your equipment for this sport.


    Hiking is indeed unlimited as well, KRNAP (Krkonoše national park) starts just behind the house. There is an educational trail starting near the house in memory of painter František Kaván, who was born here (https://www.jestrabivkrk.cz/turistika/naucne-stezky-questy/).

    Other possibilities

    Aquapark Poniklá a Mříčná

    Pool Jilemnice – whole year open!!!

    Bobsleigh track and Monkey Park Špindlerův Mlýn

    Monkey Park Rokytnice nad Jizerou

    Pecka castle is near

    ZOO Dvůr Králové


    Jilemnice square Pizzeria Na Poště (delivery)

    Jilemnice Grill Bar (necessary to book in advance)

    Jilemnice Šaldův farmhouse

    Aroma Aldrov (necessary to book in advance)

    Rezek Jeruzalém

    Shopping / services

    Butcher´s Soukup sell their meat from own breed on the square.

    Awarded Vysocký bread you can buy on the square or in the shop Víchová nad Jizerou.

    Jilemnice JIP was reconstructed.

    Fully equipped Intersport Jilemnice including service.

    Jilemnice hospital including emergency – although everybody wishes for no need of this service.


    Museum in Jilemnice castle

    Vrchlabí museum

    Trail in trees in Jánské Lázně

    Educational trails in Horní Mísečky and Špindlerův Mlýn

    Horse rides in Ranč Kocanda - Mříčná 138

    Zvědavá ulička (Curious street) in Jilemnice

    Small Pojizerský pacific

    Žalý lookout tower